Please use our guide in making your move manageable and stress- free.

Two Months Before the Moving.

  • Go through the contents of your drawers, cabinets, and cupboards and eliminate those items that you don’t need. You may donate them or hold a garage sale.
  • Then, make an inventory of the items that you want to move and determine their replacement values.
  • Don’t forget to obtain free quote from us.

6 Weeks Before the Moving.

  • Finalize your rental needs and finalize your travel arrangements with Newcastle Movers.
  • Notify the schools of your kids that you’re moving and contact new schools for their enrollment information.
  • Gather copies of medical records for yourself and every family member, who’s moving with you.
  • Assess your closets and get rid of your clothes that you no longer want or don’t fit you. Once you’re done assessing your closets, assess the items room by room.
  • Start packing items that you don’t use frequently. You can start in the basement or in the attic.

5 Weeks Before Before the Moving.

  • Purchase moving supplies, like packing materials, labels, tape, and box cutters.
  • Order specialty items, like mattress bags, dish boxes, or wardrobe boxes. But you can request them from us as we supply them, too.
  • Ensure you have a box-labelling system in place.
  • Start to pack and make it room-by-room.

1 Month Before the Moving.

  • Confirm your paperwork with Newcastle Movers.
  • Consult your list of services and make necessary changes for your address.

3 Weeks Before the Moving.

  • Gather your jewelry and family heirlooms. Keep them in a separate moving box. You may choose to transport them by hand or use a trackable shipping service that comes with insurance.

2 Weeks Before the Moving.

  • Make sure that the major appliances you’re moving are cleaned and ready to go.
  • Withdraw cash to make sure that you have enough checks or credit card in paying for unexpected expenses.

1 Week Before the Moving.

  • Dispose pain, chemicals, and other flammable items that you can’t transport.
  • Make sure that your family members have packed a suitcase as if they’re going on a week of vacation.
  • Check in with Newcastle Movers one last time and confirm any changes you wish to make. Our representatives will re-confirm your moving-day arrival time.


Newcastle Movers offers a basic coverage with California’s standard. You may choose to purchase an additional coverage from a third-party insurance companies.

Under the PUC Law, moving companies can’t be held responsible for your valuable items.

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