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Are you looking for reliable, professional and Best moving services, in the Los Angeles area for commercial and individual needs? We specialize in residential and commercial relocations. Our moving company is situated in Los Angeles and is familiar with the area; we handle any moving services. Our team’s goal is to make a move as simple as possible so You may carry on with their everyday activities. One of the greatest moving services in Los Angeles is what we provide. Throughout our operation in the business, we have completed thousands relocations. A wide range of compliments from our grateful clients backs that up.

Local Movers

Newcastle movers will make every effort to eliminate any physical or mental tiredness you may experience as a result of moving and to make you joyful. In order to accomplish this, we interact with our customers in a formal yet approachable way. Newcastle moving services are efficient and reliable. Local moves are those within a 50-mile radius. In the absence of a fixed rate, these moves are priced at an hourly rate. All transfers require a minimum of three or four hours. During peak season, which runs from April to September, a minimum of four hours is required.
The hourly rate is charged from the time we show up at your door until the services are finished, excluding breaks. The transportation/travel fee, which is mentioned during the job scheduling procedure, is then included. This charge is determined by the distance traveled between the loading place and the destination as well as the length of time spent in traffic. We are skilled and trustworthy movers, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way. You’re in capable hands. Contact us when you’re ready to receive a 10% discount.


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Residential Movers

 Moving services by Newcastle Movers are reliable and effective. Our customers are knowledgeable of and trust our competence.  When we first began as a transportation business, our goal was to offer services that were truthful and open. We give people’s property the respect it deserves. We provide high-quality service. We had plans to organize the relocating procedure very differently. After many years of effort, we want to believe that we have already succeeded in this. Customer satisfaction is our key objective. Moving can be chaotic, stressful, and just plain draining. Whether it’s small or huge, residential or commercial. We at Newcastle know that. We created this company to make it easier. You will see the difference in our service from the moment you ask us for a quote to the moment we say goodbye to you at your new location. Our services are comprehensive, catering to both modest and essential relocation needs. We handle all types of moves, large and small, local and intercity. From a dorm room to families changing apartments or moving across town. To businesses opening a new address on the other side of town. We also provide services for packaging and consumables. Our pricing is straightforward and simple. Local movers are priced hourly and include all necessary supplies: moving blankets, straps, shrinks, moving tapes, dollies, and more

Commercial Movers

One of our specialties is office relocation. We are aware that time is of the essence and that each second could be harmful to the company. Therefore, Newcastle Movers is the only option if you’re seeking a commercial moving company that values business as much as it values its own. Your move will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible by our experienced movers. Moving offices is one of our specialties. We are aware that every second could be detrimental to the organization, and that time is of importance. So, if you’re looking for a commercial moving company that values your business as much as it values its own, your only choice is Newcastle Movers. Our skilled movers will finish your move as swiftly and effectively as they can. 

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VIP Services

 Newcastle VIP provides the highest level of luxury moving service. Our company is aware of the need to accommodate a range of migration scenarios for a range of clients. As soon as a client requests our VIP service, they will be able to tell the difference between Newcastle’s VIP service and the standard services offered by other movers. With the added bonus that your home will have a new address by the time, it’s all said and done, our goal is to make moving seem like just another day.Services provided by Newcastle VIP include the following: 
 Your personal project manager will guide you through every step of the moving process and communicate directly with building management and movers. This ensures that our client does not have to worry about such troublesome things as arranging elevators and obtaining insurance policies.
 Personal Care: The project manager will look after all your belongings and arrange special handling for any important items. While the project manager is overseeing the move, the client can do his own business.
 Selected movers: Newcastle VIP selects the best movers. The movers who are sent to complete your task will be highly paid movers who often perform moving tasks similar to yours.
 Cleaning Services: We offer the best cleaning services for your new home, so your furniture can only be installed on a spotlessly clean floor.
 Lunch: No problem! You have nowhere to eat and it takes too long to move. Newcastle VIP will arrange for you to dine at one of our partner locations close to your new residence.
 Customized Crates – Newcastle VIP will custom craft crates for selected glass and art items to ensure your valuables get the attention they need.
Exclusive long-distance transportation: Your belongings will never be transported in the same truck with someone else’s.
 TV Installation – Upon request, Newcastle VIP will send one of their carpenters to install the TVs.
 Upon completion of the move, Newcastle VIP Movers will help unpack any items requested, as well as dispose of any leftover boxes so you don’t have to worry about it later.


The Sky's The Limit

Packing Services

 If you ask someone what they’re most afraid about while relocating, packing is probably very high on the list of worries. This makes sense because going through everything you own is a significant undertaking! The good news is that packing for a move may be pleasurable with a few simple tricks. Simply develop a plan, follow fundamental best practices, and handle each stage as it arises. Despite the temptation to expedite the process, remember how amazing it will feel when you unpack and everything is in order, undamaged, and prepared for storage. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is! Packing likely ranks rather high on the list of moving-related concerns if you ask someone what they’re most worried about. This makes sense because it’s a big task to go through everything you own! The good news is that there are a few easy techniques to make packing for a move enjoyable. Simply create a strategy, adhere to basic best practices, and take each stage as it comes. While it may be tempting to hurry the process along, consider how wonderful it will feel when you unpack and everything is in order, undamaged, and ready for storage. You’d be surprised at how simple it is!

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