Know About Your Moving Company in Hollywood

What You Should Know About Your Moving Company in Hollywood

For many people, just the idea of moving is enough to make them shudder. You have probably heard all kinds of horror stories from your family members and friends about bad experiences they have had when they have moved. A lot of the horrors occur when people either try to move everything themselves or they hire a service to help them without learning anything about the service first. If you are planning to move your home or apartment, there are some things you want to be sure to know about your moving company in Hollywood so you can have the best experience possible.

Get References First

When you are looking at moving companies, there are a number of things you want to check so you can be sure you get a good moving company in Hollywood. First, you want to make sure that whoever you hire to do the job is licensed and insured before they take on the job. While you may be able to find companies that will do the job at a lower price for you, when you hire someone unlicensed or without insurance, you are taking big risks with your belongings and the move itself. A licensed service is going to have gone through proper channels. You also want to ask for references regarding the work they do. You want to talk to people that have used their services in the past so you can get honest input as to what the experience was like.

Know the Services and Fees

There is nothing worse than having a moving company show up on the day of the move only for you to find out that they do not offer all of the services you thought were available. Make sure you know ahead of time what they will and will not do or move for you. You may want packing and unpacking services, need large items moved or need a vehicle moved. You also want to know what all of the fees are upfront so you know what to expect when you get the final invoice.

Know About Your Moving Company in Hollywood

Choosing a moving company in Hollywood is something you want to put real thought into. When you are ready to hire a reliable, quality company to help with your move, call Newcastle Movers at 818-522-5220 or go to so you can be sure to get a service you can count on and trust.